9th World Lithuanian Alpine Ski Championships
10-17 March, 2007
The three top skiers - Tomas Edriukaitis, Andrius Grigaras, Paulius Augūnas (President)
These Championships are held every two years, usually in different parts of the world. In Australia they were held at Guthega, NSW, in 1997. This year they were held in Italy in the Dolomite ski resort of Passo Tonale.
There were two Charter flights organised by KELRODIS from Vilnius to Bergamo and from there another 3 hours by bus to the mountains. Many people also arrived by buses and private cars. There were about 500 Lithuanians all over the village, scattered in many hotels and guesthouses. Not all were here to race, but certainly to have a good time. Most of the skiers were from Lithuania. There were two from USA, one from Canada, one from Ireland and myself from Australia.
On Sunday, 11th March, was skiing practice and in the evening Championship Gala Opening Party, followed by a discotheque. The Championships were opened by Paulius Augūnas, President of the Lithuanian Ski Federation.
Next two days were for practice, or an optional tour to Venice

Wednesday 14thGiant Slalom, 1.5 km and 34 gates Friday 16thSkiing
Thursday 15thSlalom, 180 deg. Vertical 42 gates
Closing Ceremony - Miramont Hotel, Discotheque
Saturday 17thDeparture

Skiing was good in the mornings on well prepared slopes. As the weather was sunny and warm, the afternoon snow was soft. An interesting fact, that here the slopes are patrolled by ski police, the Carabinieri, and any skier that they think is skiing too fast for their skill is fined $AU 30, as well as the children not wearing helmets.

Results: The main results were as presented below. For a more complete listing of results, please se the website www.kalnuslidinejimas.lt
Giant Slalom Women
1. Aleksandravičienė Anžela - Kaunas
2. Urbonavičiūtė Ieva - Vilnius
3. Žymančienė Diana - Vilnius
Giant Slalom Men
1. Grigaras Andrius - Vilnius
2. Endriukaitis Tomas - Vilnius
3. Augūnas Paulius - Vilnius
Slalom Women
1. Aleksandravičienė Anžela -Kaunas
2. Žymančienė Diana - Vilnius
3. Pamerneckytė Laura ( junior ) - Vilnius
Slalom Men
1. Grigaras Andrius - Vilnius
2. Augūnas Paulius - Vilnius
3. Endriukaitis Tomas - Vilnius

Altogether, including all age groups, there were over 300 taking part in the races.
The Italians were more than impressed with the standard, especially Anžela, whom they named "Tomba".
They were also more than amazed at the celebrations that followed!!!!!!!!

Written by Australian Representative ...Angonita (Nita) Wallis