Lithuanian Sports - In Brief
4th November 2007
Mattias Braach - Maksvytis
Success for Mattias Braach - Maksvytis in Rock-climbing
16 year old Australian Lithuanian Mattias Braach - Maksvytis has been achieving success in his sport of rock-climbing. Last August he was part of the Australian team competing in the World Youth Rock-climbing championship in Ibarra, Ecuador. Last month he achieved excellent results in the Australian and Oceania rock-climbing championships in Penrith, an outlying suburb of Sydney. In both these competitions he came first in the fast climb category and took second place
Donatas Imbras on the left. Photo courtesy Lietuvos Žinios
in the Youth A section. He also took first place in the "Open B" Men’s section.

Information and photo courtesy of "Mūsų Pastogė" 31/10/07

A Silver in World Karate Tournament to Donatas Imbras
Donatas Imbras from Lithuania won silver in the 9th World Open Karate Tournament on October 14, 2007, in Tokyo, Japan. First place in this tournament has never been won by a non-Japanese, although this year Donatas Imbras nearly managed to do so. In these so-called Karate Olympics, which are held every four years, competed 128 men and 32 women from 65 countries, including 5 men and 2 women from Lithuania. Overall the Lithuanians did well, with Darius Gudauskas coming
The Lithuanian strongmen team. Photo courtesy Lietuvos Rytas
6th and Mindaugas Pavilionis coming in the top 16. Of the women, Margarita Žiuplytė reached the quarter finals.

Further information: 14/10/07,

Lithuanian Strongmen Decisively Defeat World Strongmen Team
In Vilnius on October 27, 2007 the Lithuanian strongmen team showed their might by decisively beating a world strongmen team 20-4 over 8 events. The Lithuanian team consisted of Žydrūnas Savickas, Vidas Blekaitis, Saulius Brusokas and Vilius
Rolandas Pocius.
Photo courtesy Lietuvos Rytas
Petrauskas. The world team was made up of Agris Kazelniks (Latvia), Mikhail Kokliayev (Russia), Derek Poundstone (USA) and Andrus Murumets (Estonia).

Further information: 29/10/07

Rolandas Pocius - World Bodybuilding Champion
Rolandas Pocius, a 34 year old from Mažeikiai in Lithuania, came first in the over 100kg category in the 61st World Men’s Bodybuilding Amateur Championships October 25-29, 2007, in Jeju City, South Korea. He also came overall second among the winners of all the seven weight categories. In the championship competed 163 athletes from 53 countries.

Further information: 28/10/07,