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1st November 2015
Lithuanian Junior Gliding Team to Compete in Australia
Members of the Lithuanian Junior Gliding Team in Lithuania.
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There will be a team of 6 pilots from Lithuania at the 9th Junior World Gliding Championships at Narromine in New South Wales from 27 November to 12 December 2015. This is the first time that this championship is being held outside Europe.
They team members are Joris Vainius, Marius Pluščauskas, Ringaudas Kikalas, Ignas Bitinaitis, Laurynas Šupinys and team captain, Karolis Mikalauskas. The youngest, Laurynas, is 17 years old while the oldest, Marius, is 24. Between them they have over 3500 hours of flying time and several of them have competed in previous Junior World Gliding Championships and open World Gliding Championships.
The Lithuanian Junior Gliding Team members have achieved good results in previous competitions and are expecting to succeed in Australia. In Australia the championship will be held over flat areas, just as in Lithuania, whereas many other competing pilots have been competing in mountainous areas.

All Australian Lithuanians wish the Lithuanian Junior Gliding Team every success!

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