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30th January 2011
Kaunas Tops the World in Internet Speed
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According to the latest results, covering the period Dec 28, 2010 and Jan 26, 2011, Lithuania’s second city Kaunas scored the top place in the world with the internet download speed of 41.16 Mb/s. This is an average figure averaged over many users. South Korea’s Seoul was in second place and Germany’s Hamburg was placed third. In the ranking of countries, Lithuania was ranked second with 29.71 Mb/s, after South Korea with 36.95 Mb/s. By comparison, Australia was placed 41st with 8.09 Mb/s.
Lithuania’s impressive results are the result of Lithuania's leading position in the use of advanced transmission technologies. Lithuania leads Europe in the deployment of optical Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) (Please see below the News of 31st October 2010). Lithuania was also the first country in the European Union to deploy in 2009 the advanced 4G mobile wireless network WiMAX, with 60% of the country by now able to access WiMAX.

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