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27th May, 2006
Henri Teris (Henrikas –literis) - Art Prize Finalist
Henri Teris "I Spy..."
Henri Terisís picture "I spy..." was a finalist in the Jacques Cadry Memorial Art Prize exhibition in 2006. The exhibition opening was in the Kennedy Hall Pavillion at the Fox Studios in Sydney. The huge hall was bedecked with high quality attractive Oriental carpets and some of them were phantastic works of art. On the main wall were exhibited 30 pictures of various sizes and themes from the world of todayĎs children. The exhibition attracted many art lovers and supporters of the Sydney Childrenís Hospital at Randwick. The annual exhibition established in 2005 by the heirs of Jacques Cadry to honour their father benefits the hospital. Apparently Jacques Cadry Sen. loved art and children. So, the hospitalís motto: Children First and Foremost fitted in beautifully with Jacques Cadry Sen.ís aspirations. The winning pictures of the first prize of $2,000 and the second prize of $1,000 are automatically given to the Childrenís Hospital to adorn the walls for the little patients.
It was pleasing to see that Henri Terisí picture "I spy..." won the second prize. As the title of the picture suggests
Sculptures by Henri Teris at a recent exhibition.
From left: "Lovers", "Planudes", "EglŽ, Queen of the Serpents"
"I spy... with my little eye" is the name of a favourite childrenís game. The picture is quite big - 1m x 1m and is not framed. The focus of the picture is a childís eyes, which look curiously and with admiration at the many-coloured, smaller and bigger fishes and other sea creatures swimming in the aquarium. The painter has created three planes in the picture and thus gave it an illusory depth. The background is the childís head, the middle ground the aquarium and the foreground, that seems to spread out onto the walls, is the sea with many other fishes darting in and out in all directions. The dominant colour is blue in all its hues and harmonises well with the green seaweed. The colourful fishes, seahorses and other sea creatures are well placed accents that relieve the blueness. It is a lively and vibrant work of art.

Isolde PoĢelaitŽ - Davis AM
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