Lithuanians in the News
27th February, 2004
Learn Lithuanian Online Project Receives Funding!
SLIC is happy to report that funding for the project "Learn Lithuanian Online in NSW" on SLIC website has been approved by Mr. Bob Carr, the Premier of New South Wales.
The funding is under the 2003-2004 Community Grants Program of the Community Relations Commission of NSW and the grant was awarded to the Australian Lithuanian Community - Sydney. It will further develop the SLIC website with a series of free online Lithuanian language lessons for English speakers, using creative language teaching techniques. It is anticipated that first lessons will be available online by July, 2004.
The Premier wrote to the President of the Australian Lithuanian Community - Sydney on 18th February, 2004, conveying congratulations on the success of the application and wishing all the best for the completion of the project.
The Australian Lithuanian Community of Sydney is very grateful to the Premier and the Government of New South Wales for this grant. This grant will provide the opportunity to all who are interested in familiarising with and learning the Lithuanian language.