Lithuania in the News
26th July 2014
Lithuania Co-authors Australia's UN Security Council Resolution re Malaysian Airliner
Lithuania at the UN Security Council. Photo courtesy
Australia's strongly worded resolution at the UN Security Council regarding the tragic shooting down of Malaysian Airliner MH17 was co-sponsored by Lithuania and France. This resolution was adopted by the 15 member UN Security Council unanimously on Monday July 21. Lithuania and Australia are currently two of the ten non-permanent members of the Security Council, Australia elected for 2013 -2104 and Lithuania for 2014 -2015.
Australia was outraged by the loss of 37 of its citizens and permanent residents and the resolution condemned the downing of the plane in the strongest terms. As a co-sponsor of the resolution Lithuania "expressed concern over foreign-controlled armed groups impeding access to the crash site for Ukrainian, international investigators and OSCE observers, .... also reiterated that responsibility for the downing of the flight lies with those who have been orchestrating an increasing flow of foreign fighters, arms, and heavy military equipment to the Eastern Ukraine, and is part of the armed aggression against Ukraine."

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