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26th February 2012
Tasmania’s Great Lake Conquered by Ultratriathlon Swimmer Vidmantas Urbonas
Vidmantas Urbonas after crossing Tasmania’s Great Lake.
Photo courtesy Photographer V.Ščiavinskas
World Ultratriathlon Champion Swimmer Lithuanian Vidmantas Urbonas swam across Tasmania’s Great Lake on the 94th anniversary of Lithuania’s Independence day on February 16 2012. His aim is to swim the major lakes on all the continents as a promoter of an ecological campaign “WATER – THAT’S LIFE”. He has already swum across Lake Titicaca in South America, the Yellowstone Lake in the USA and Lake Baikal in Russia. In the future he plans to tackle Africa. He always chooses the date of his swims to coincide with some significant date of Lithuania’s history. This year in Tasmania his swim was on the occasion of Lithuania’s Independence Day.
Dr. Taškūnas of the University of Tasmania was
very happy to receive the Lithuanian Encyclopedia
Urbonas’ visit to Australia was under the patronage of Lithuania’s Past President Valdas Adamkus, who dedicated a number of copies of his books to be presented to Lithuanian communities in Australia. Urbonas met up with Sydney’s Lithuanian community on Monday, February 13, at the Sydney Lithuanian Club. In Tasmania he donated the Lithuanian Encyclopedia to the Lithuanian Reference Library at the University of Tasmania.

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