Lithuania in the news
25th September, 2003
A Scientific First to Lithuanian Scientists in the Fight against SARS
Vidmantas Ulevičius
Photo courtesy of "Lietuvos Rytas"
The Head of the Environmental Physics and Chemistry Laboratory at the Lithuanian Institute of Physics, Vidmantas Ulevičius, and his co-workers have made a very significant breakthrough in methods to determine whether there are deadly viruses, like SARS and others, in the atmosphere. Their technique has excited specialists abroad.
In their bioaerosol spectrometer, inducted air is analysed by means of a laser beam and the data processed with a special purpose computer. Their method solves the problems present in other techniques available up to now, which can only detect large concentrations of viruses, are not reliable and take a long time to carry out.
In contrast, the Lithuanians' technique produces results very quickly and the results are accurate and comprehensive. Patents have been applied for. It is now a second time that Lithuanian scientists have made a significant breakthrough against SARS. Specialists at the Kaunas firm "Metromeda" last (northern) spring developed a novel machine to disinfect premises. Their aerosol generator "Ciklon-1" was demonstrated at the "Agrobalt 2003" show and received wide international interest (at that time SARS was prevalent in SE Asia and Canada). Their apparatus generates aerosols, which are able to reach microbes hidden in normally inaccessible places. It can disinfect premises up to 100,000 m2 and is thus suitable for airports, railway stations and large commercial centres.

Source: "Lietuvos Rytas", September 25, 2003