Lithuania in the News
24th April 2016
Lithuanian Consumer Electronics' Success in Australia
The FoodSniffer in action. Photo courtesy Ars Lab
Lithuanian consumer electronics is in the news again in Australia. Last Tuesday, 19 April 2016, on Channel 7 TV evening news there was presented the ‘FoodSniffer’ device, which allows easily and quickly to determine whether food is spoiled or not. The ‘FoodSniffer’ device was invented and developed in Lithuania by the Lithuanian company UAB ARS Lab in Vilnius, headed by Augustas Aleđiűnas as CEO. It has won important awards in Europe and now being distributed worldwide including Australia.
Augustas Aleđiűnas the CEO of UAB ARS Lab.
Photo courtesy Ars Lab
The ‘FoodSniffer’ is just another example of the international success of Lithuanian consumer electronics. It follows on the heels of the ‘Deeper Fishfinder’ making the Australian TV news in January this year and already finding success in Australia (please see on this website News - 17 January 2016).

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