Lithuanians in the News
23rd June 2013
100 Years of Lithuanian Film Animation Honoured at Melbourne Festival
Film animation pioneer Vaclovas Starevičius (1882 – 1965).
Photo courtesy Melboure International Animation Festival.
Lithuania has been the home to remarkable innovations in animated films more than 100 years ago and has continued with a strong tradition in this field ever since. Vaclovas Starevičius (Władysław Starewicz, Ladislas Starevich), working in Kaunas in 1910 and before, was a pioneer in film animation. His 1910 short film “Lucanus Cervus” about the battles of stag-horn beetles is regarded as the first annimated puppet film with a plot. Vaclovas Starevičius has had an enormous influence in the history of animation. He created new techniques and perfected them.
This year‘s 13th Melboure International Animation Festival 20-30 June, 2013 in Melboure will specially honour 100 years of Lithuanian film animation. The program “Milestone: 100 years of Lithuanian Animation“ will be shown on June 30 at 2.45 pm in Cinema 2, ACMI Cinemas, Federation Square in Melbourne.

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