In Memoriam
23rd June, 2006
Ignas Sasnaitis 1920.02.04 - 2006.06.09
Ignas Sasnaitis
It seems as only yesterday that my dear cousin Ignas left us to continue our journey to the destined end. And yet he never left us, nor his friends and neighbours, for we treasure him now in our hearts.
Ignas was quiet, private and a somewhat shy man. "He was an artist who would never admit it" as his daughter Juratė aptly described him. His dexterous fingers created many beautiful things, but he would display them only in his home. He felt so comfortable and well at home, it seemed that he never wanted to leave it. He loved his wife Elziutė and daughter Juratė, who has inherited his artistic nature. To his companions and relatives in Lithuania and Australia, he was a loyal and devoted friend.
In moments of loss, words fail us
To express the sadness of our souls.
It’s so hard to part, so hard to stay alone,
And yet hope is whispering softly:
"Perhaps we’ll meet again
In the high skies, in the infinite space."

Isolde Poželaitė - Davis AM