Lithuania in the News
22nd July, 2006
Vilnius University Graces Mini Europe Park in Brussels
Among the official guests during the unveiling of Vilnius University
model - Lithuania’s Dalia Grybauskaitë, EU Commissioner
for Budget and Financial Planning, and the Rector of Vilnius
University, Benediktas Juodka (third and fourth from left, front row).
A scale model of Vilnius University was recently completed at the Mini Europe park in Brussels, to coincide with Lithuania’s National Day on July 6, 2006. The Mini Europe park has models of representative buildings and monuments of all the countries in the European Union.
The Vilnius Astronomical Observatory Courtyard
Vilnius University is the only university represented in the collection. The management of the park was most delighted at last to have a university among its model collection, emphasising learning as a key aspect of European civilization. Vilnius University model is one the more impressive and largest in the set, with the tower of the university’s St.Johns’ church 3 metres high.
Vilnius University was founded in 1579, making it the oldest university in North Eastern Europe and the leading and most important educational institution in the region over many centuries. The ensemble of university buildings in the park represents 6 of the 13 Courtyards of the University, accurately reproducing the beautiful Lithuanian baroque style. The University’s Astronomical Observatory was founded in 1753 and is the fourth oldest in Europe.

Photos: courtesy Vilnius University website
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