Famous Lithuanians
21st November, 2003
Maya Plisetskaya, World Famous Prima Ballerina and Lithuanian Citizen, Honoured by Lithuania
Maya Plisetskaya
In a ceremony at the Presidential Palace on November 21, 2003, President Paksas honoured the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya and her famous composer husband Rodion Shchedrin by awarding them "For service to Lithuania" Grand Commodore Crosses.
Maya Plisetskaya is of Lithuanian heritage and both she and her husband have become Lithuanian citizens. Maya Plisetskaya confessed that she adores Lithuania and has noted that every day the country becomes more beautiful. She owns a residence at Trakai near Vilnius and has been a patron of the Trakai Summer Festival.

Source: "Lietuvos ̃inios"