Lithuania in the News
20th July 2014
Lithuania to Join the Eurozone
The two sides of the Lithuanian 2 Euro coin. Photo courtesy
Lithuania was given the go ahead to join the Eurozone at the start of 2015 by a vote of the European Parliament last Wednesday, 16 July 2014. The green light to Lithuania by the European Parliament was by a huge majority of 545 votes to 116, with 34 abstentions. Lithuania is now due become the 19th member of the euro area. The final step is approval by the finance ministers of the EU Council, which is expected before the end of July.
The Lithuanian Euros have already been minted in readiness for 2015. The illustration shows the two sides of the Lithuanian 2 Euro coin. One side is the same for all countries in the Eurozone, the other side is specific to a particular country. Even though Lithuania has not been a member of the Eurozone until now, its currency (Litas) has been tied to the Euro for a long time at 1 Euro = 3.45 Litas.

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