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19th October 2009
Angonita Wallis’ Fabulous Porcelain Dolls
Nita Wallis dressed up for
the occasion
Nita’s winning doll “Casanova”
Australian Lithuanian Angonita (Nita) Wallis has again demonstrated her skill and artistry as an outstanding porcelain doll maker at an international level by winning an award for her doll “Casanova” at the Doll Artisan Guild Convention in Melbourne, which was held at the Dorset Gardens Convention Centre 16 - 20th September, 2009. Nita’s exquisitely crafted “Casanova” won a Rosette for the Best in the Class Modern Dolls, Adults and Teens professional division. The fine detail in her work extended even to Casanova’s ”five o’clock shadow”!
This is an International Convention held every 2 years. The theme this year was "Madame Pompadour and Consequences". At the Presentation Dinner on the Saturday many of the Delegates dressed up according to the theme. Quite a few massive white curly wigs and even a few crinoline dresses were to be seen.
In her other life, when not creating artistic dolls, Dr Nita Wallis is the President of the Federal Executive of the Australian Lithuanian Community.

Congratulations, Nita!

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