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19th July 2015
Australian Lithuanian Folk Group "Pamesta Klumpė" from Melbourne a Big Success in Lithuania
Placard courtesy Pamesta Klumpė

Melbourne's Australian Lithuanian Folk Group "Pamesta Klumpė" ("The Lost Clog") has long delighted audiences in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia. Their cheeky interpretations in English of traditional Lithuanian songs, with good doses of Aussie humour, have made the group very popular among Australians and Lithuanians alike.
"Pamesta Klumpė" has now also won the hearts of Lithuanians in the folklore festival "Saulės Žiedas" ("The Sun's Ring") in Šiauliai, Lithuania. The group won third place in tradional singing group category and Stepas Levickis won first place in the solo vocalist category. Stepas Levickis is co-leader of the group, together with Gabrielė Staugaitytė-Zdanienė. Other members of the goup are Audra Šimkutė, Lina Didžytė-Skimbirauskienė, Danielė Lansell-Brown, Vytautas Antanaitis, Ieva Brovedani, Aleksas Brovedani, Jazmina Cininaitė-Lipšienė and Jonas Lipšys.
In the international festival "Saulės Žiedas" eleven countries were represented - Australia, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain and Turkey. "Pamesta Klumpė" also performed in other cities in Lithuania and Poland - they were enthusiastically received everywhere and the audiences loved them!

"Pamesta Klumpė", well done! Australian Lithuanians are proud of you!

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