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19th July, 2005
Lithuania to Host the Next UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meeting in 2006

The hill forts of old Kernavė

Sand dunes of the Curonian Spit)
At the recent UNESCO meeting in South Africa, Vilnius was elected to host the 30th World Heritage Committee Meeting in 2006. At the same time Inga Marčiulionytė, Lithuanian’s permanent Ambassador to UNESCO, was elected as the next chairperson of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Vilnius Old Town behind the Dawn Gate
Since regaining its independence in 1990, Lithuania has already had four sites included in the World Heritage List - Vilnius Historic Centre (in 1994), Curonian Spit (in 2000), Kernavė Archaeological Site (in 2004) and this year (2005) is one of the countries sharing the listing of the Struve Geodetic Arc. The latter is a chain of triangulation stations, established by the astronomer F.G.W. Struve in early 19th century, stretching nearly 3,000 km through 10 countries from the mouth of the Danube in the Black Sea to Norway. It was the first attempt to accurately measure Earth’s dimensions and was an important milestone in the development of earth sciences.
In addition to the World Heritage sites, the UNESCO living cultural heritage list also includes two Lithuanian items - the craftsmanship of traditional Crosses and the tradition of choral festivals (shared with Estonia and Latvia).

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