Lithuania in the News
18th October 2009
Lithuania - a Leader in Broadband Technology
Lithuania‘s Academic and Research Network (LITNET). Photo courtesy
Lithuania has been placed at number 14 in the table of leaders in the use of broadband technology, sandwiched between Australia (13) and the USA (15). This placing is according to the global study of broadband quality, just completed in September 2009, by the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford in UK and the University of Oviedo in Spain. The study had been sponsored by the international telecommunications firm Cisco and it examined 66 countries and 240 cities.
Lithuania was number 4 in the world in download speed and topped the world in upload speed! In the overall broadband quality score (BQS), which combines download and upload speeds and network latency (delay), Lithuania was number 4 in the world (Australia was 32). Lithuania’s two biggest cities also scored very well, with Kaunas and Vilnius at 3 and 15 respectively (compared with Adelaide 67, Melbourne 76, Sydney 77).
The overall broadband leadership position was obtained by looking at both the BQS and broadband penetration (46% for Lithuania), which placed Lithuania at number 14 in the overall broadband leadership table. Lithuania is included in list of only 9 countries in the world, which are considered to currently have the broadband quality necessary for handling future applications, such as high definition internet television and video communications.

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