Lithuania in the News
17th October 2010
Lithuania’s Information Terminals at Expo 2010 Are Candidates for EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards
An enthusiastic visitor explores Lithuania on an information terminal.
Photo courtesy
Among the finalists for the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards are the information terminals in Lithuania’s pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. There are 23 finalists, selected from 299 entries from 30 countries. Lithuania’s entry is one of the three finalists in the Content Tools and Interface Design category. The other two finialists in this catgory are a handwriting digitizer from France and a mathematical formula editor from Austra. The awards will be decided later this year on November 11-13 at Graz in Austria.
Lithuania’s Expo Shanghai information terminals were designed by a team from the leading IT firm Gaumina in Vilnius, Lithuania, which also has branches in the UK and Ireland. The designers were Ieva Padegimaitė, Andrius Alčiauskas, Edmundas Stundžius, Rokas Grigaliūnas, Tomas Beniušis and Julija Kameneckaitė. The interactive terminals feature touch screen technology, with easy navigation and innovative use of multimedia, and have already been declared a huge success by Europrix jury members. Air balloons feature
An interactive display about Lithuania on information terminals
at Expo 2010. Photo courtesy
prominently in the displays on the terminals. They refer to the simulated air balloon that is a key feature of Lithuania’s pavilion, reflecting on the popularity of ballooning in Lithuania, a country with the highest number of air balloons per capita in the world.
The success of Lithuania’s information terminals no doubt were significant in making Lithuania’s pavilion at Expo 2010 one of the most popular with visitors. A week ago on October 7th the pavilion received its 5 millionth visitor. It is tempting to think that the considerable publicity generated for Lithuania, as a result of the success of Lithuania’s pavilion, has contributed to the opening of the new Shanghai-Kaunas cargo route less than a month ago. This will make Kaunas a major distribution point for Chinese goods to Europe. Weekly flights from China carrying 80 tons of cargo are scheduled.

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