Lithuanians in the News
16th March 2014
Folk Music Group „Sadūnai“ Will Feature in ALD 2014
The “Sadūnai” music group. (L-R) Gintaras Andrijauskas, Vytautas Sabakonis,
Giedrius Leleika, Ramūnas Lisinskas (leader), Petras Leleika
The much awaited appearance in Australia of the Lithuanian folk music group “Sadūnai” will be featured during the Lithuanian Days Festival 2014 in Sydney in December this year. They will also tour other cities.
Even before there was a village cultural centre in the „Sadūnai“ village, in 1997 a village music group established themselves there. At that time the group had no name. But it so happened, as the band expanded its activities further afield, people quite naturally bestowed on the group the name by which they now call themselves – Sadūnai. The group’s name was born from the name of that same village and the men are proud of it. Throughout 18 years of their existence there were some changes to the structure of the group; currently there are five musicians in „Sadūnai“.
Their repertoire specialises in the music composed by elder musicians in the “Aukštaitija” region, but also includes music from other regions in Lithuania and from other countries. “Sadūnai” perform extensively in their region, as well as throughout Lithuania. They also take part in projects in other music genres. „Sadūnai“ have performed in Poland, Hungary, Italy, Belarus, Latvia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland; and now we will be awaiting them in Australia.