The Heroic Events of Twenty Tears Ago - Photo Gallery
The Lithuanian tricolour against a Russian tank. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

Defenders of Parliament, January 12 1991. Photo courtesy

Burial ceremony of the victims 1991. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

Crosses near the TV Tower - Vilnius. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.

The resting place of the January 13 victims at the Antakalnis Cemetary.
The sculpture alludes to Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’. Photo courtesy

Speaker of Lithuania’s Parliament Irena Degutienë speaks in front of the TV and Radio Centre
to commemorate the events of twenty years ago. Photo courtesy

A 200 metre Lithuanian flag, sewn for the occasion, is being carried to Parliament House in Vilnius. Photo courtesy

Kaunas remembers. Photo courtesy

In Đilalë, people outline the map of Lithuania. Photo courtesy

The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra playing at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna on January 12, 2011. Photo courtesy OSCE.

Lanterns are lit in Vilnius in commemoration. Photo courtesy

Candles lit in windows in commemoration. Photo courtesy