Lithuanians in the News
15th December 2019
“Terra Australis Incognita” Honours Australian Lithuanian Artists
Australian Lithuanian artists have been honoured in the recently published, magnificently produced art book “Terra Australis Incognita - Lietuvių menininkai Australijoje / Lithuanian artists in Australia”, published in Lithuania. The book’s cover is decorated by an impressive abstract work, “Desert”, by the distinguished Australian Lithuanian artist, Vaclovas Ratas.
There are 21 artists included in the book: Vaclovas Ratas, Henrikas Šalkauskas, Eva Kubbos, Jurgis Mikševičius, Vincas Jomantas, Laima Jomantienė, Jurgis Janavičius, Jolanta Janavičienė, Kazys Kemežys, Adolfas Vaičaitis, Viktoras Simankevičius, Leeka Gruzdeff, Dalia Antanaitienė, Faustas Sadauskas, Akvilė Zavišaitė, Mindaugas Simankevičius, Rasa Mauragis, Eve Wicks, Jazmina Cininas, Ashley Mackevičius, Ingrid Skirka.

The book has been edited by Ilona Mažeikienė and Regina Urbonienė of the Vytautas Kasiulis Museum in Vilnius, which is part of the Lithuanian Art Museum, specialising in works of Lithuanian Artists outside Lithuania. Ilona and Regina made a special trip to Australia in October last year, to evaluate and collect material for this work.
The introduction to “Terra Australis Incognita” was written by Roger Butler AM, Senior Curator of Australian Prints at the National Gallery of Australia, together with Yvette Dal Pozzo, Curatorial Assistant, also at the National Gallery of Australia. In the introduction they point out the impact that postwar émigré Lithuanian Australian artists have had in Australia and the younger generation continue to make:

“Chief among the Baltic States in the visual arts in Australia were Lithuanians. ... their most profound influence was in printmaking.“ and “Lithuanian Australian artists had a clear impact on the Australian art world, experimenting in their chosen media and receiving national accolades.” Also they point out that “In recent years, initiatives in the home countries of the émigré artists have led to a revaluation of their work. This attention has bolstered the reputation of the postwar generation, as well as supporting a new generation of Lithuanian Australian artists, ...”

Publication details:
Published by Lithuanian Art Museum, Vilnius, 2019. 352 pages
Printer – “Standartų Spaustuvė”
ISBN - 978-609-426-139-5