Lithuanians in the News
15th April, 2007
A Writers Prize to Joan Songaila
Joan Songaila
The secretary of the Gold Coast Lithuanian Community, Joan Songaila, has just won a prize awarded by the Gold Coast Writers Association (GCWA). The prize is for the best short story about the play "Equus", staged by the Gold Coast Little
Joan Songaila (right) receiving her award
from the Gold Coast Writers Association
Theatre. "Equus" (Latin for Horse) is a psychological and highly controversial play, which explores what happens when a 17-year-old stable boy becomes obsessively passionate about the horses in his care. The same show is about to open in London, where the star of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, will play the lead.
Joan has written a number of books, including the life story of her Lithuanian husband, Juozas ("Journey to Paradise", Zeus Publications Ebook, 2000). She took up the new challenge, when GCWA offered a prize, and was delighted to win. She has acted as a literary editor for this SLIC website.
Originally from New Zealand, she and her husband Juozas have settled on the Gold Coast in Queensland and they both have been very active in the Gold Coast Lithuanian Community. Joan has also been the admirable secretary of Friends of Lithuanian Ballet (FLB) for over eight years.

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