Lithuanians in the News
14th July, 2006
Jolanta Janavičius Wins Randwick City Sculptors Award
Jolanta Janavičius - The Wave
As part of the " Park to Park Oxford Street Sculpture Walk" Prize Awards at La Perouse 2006, the "Randwick City Sculptors Award" was awarded to the noted Australian Lithuanian sculptor Jolanta Janavičius.
Within the framework of the "French Rendez-vous in Sydney 2006" and under the patronage of the French Consulate General in Sydney and the French Trade Commission, prizes were awarded at La Perouse Museum on the 14th July, France's National Day. The three prizes were: the inaugural Air France "La Perouse National Sculpture Award" (a return journey to Paris); the "Polyglot" acquisitive prize of $ 1,500.00 and the "Randwick City Sculptors Award" acquisitive prize, also of $1,500.00. Five Highly Commended Certificates were awarded to artistic and novel works.
The sculptor-ceramicist Jolanta Janavičius chose one of the themes suggested to illustrate the historical France/Australia connection, e.g. sea voyages, by depicting ocean waves that connect France and Australia, albeit over great distances. Her bronze "Wave", on a lightly flecked black pedestal, portrays big waves, with foam crests just before breaking and forming a cylinder or tube. A gentle wavy movement joins the two parts and is further accentuated by fine lines following the surging and rolling waters. In her work inert metal acquires a softly moving quality! Cr Ted Seng, Mayor of Randwick, congratulated Jolanta Janavičius on her success in winning the "Randwick City Sculptors Award". The sculpture will be placed in the Randwick City sculpture collection.

Isolde Poželaitė - Davis AM
La Perouse, 14 July 2006