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13th November 2016
Latest Poetry by Lidija Šimkutė
The noted Australian Lithuanian poet Lidija Šimkutė, who often publishes in both Lithuanian and English, has seen two of her poetry books published just recently.
Her latest bilingual book of poetry - "Baltos vaivorykštės - White rainbows" has just been published by Lithuanian Writers Union in Vilnius, Lithuania. In Jan Owen’s foreword to "White Rainbows", her poetry is described as "highly original. There’s a cool reality appraisal, a certain distance, yet an intimate tone. The poetry is poised and assured, yet vulnerable. The unsaid and the unsayable are present within and around the poems, white space on the page equating to silence and the passing of time."
Also Lidija’s earlier bilingual poetry collection "Kažkas pasakyta - Something is said", originally published by the Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers in 2013, has now been translated into Japanse by Kōichi Yakushigawa and published in Japan. (Publisher - CHIKURINKAN, Osaka, Japan, 2016). A review of the Japanese translation stated: "These poems touch the heart and tenderly bruise the soul. They don't require a detailed explanation and nor are they difficult to understand. While the poems themselves are not complex in nature, their meaning and emotion are clearly felt."

Congratulatiions, Lidija!

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