Lithuanians in the News
13th September 2015
Lidija Šimkutė‘s Poetry Set to Music
Margery Smith (L) and Lidija Šimkutė

The noted Australian Lithuanian bilingual poet Lidija Šimkutė writes poetry in both Lithuanian and English. Her poetry has inspired the Australian composer Margery Smith to compose music based on Šimkutė‘s poetry. Margery Smith‘s compositions, for voice and chamber group, set to Šimkutė‘s poetry, will be peformed in two concerts in Sydney in October 2015.

„White Shadows“ („Balti Šešėliai“) for baritone and chamber group will be performed on Friday, 23 October 2015, 700pm, at Sydney Opera House, Utzon Room

„Ocean Hum“ („Vandenyno atodūsis“) for soprano, flute & piano, based on a poetry cycle from the collection „Vėjo žvilgesys - Wind Sheen“ will be performed on Saturday October 24,2015, 3.00pm The Woodwind Group/The Flute Tree 1/111 Moore St‚ Leichhardt