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13th April 2009
Monument in Klaipėda Honours Martynas Reisgys, Distinguished Forebear of an Australian Lithuanian Family

The designers of the sculpture, Gintas Reisgys (left) and Vytautas
Karčiauskas, stand in front of the monument during the unveiling
ceremony. Photo courtesy Lietuvos Rytas
Martynas Reisgys (1886 – 1942) was a prominent Lithuanian statesman in the Klaipėda region of Lithuania. In 1923 he joined the insurrection which resulted in Klaipėda being joined to Lithuania and became the leader of the insurgents’ Directory.
Martynas Reisgys’ granddaughter,
Jūratė Reisgytė, from Sydney speaks
during the unveiling ceremony.
Photo courtesy Lietuvos Rytas.
Later he represented the Klaipėda region in the National Council of Lithuanian Minor. He died in a Nazi concentration camp on April 2, 1942.
Martynas Reisgys’ descendents from Sydney, Australia, on the anniversary of the day of his death, unveiled at Klaipėda University a four metre high sculpture to commemorate Martynas Reisgys and his work. The statue, named “Wave”, was designed by metal sculptor Vytautas Karčiauskas from Klaipėda and Martynas Reisgys’ great-grandson, architect Gintas Reisgys from Sydney. The sculpture was unveiled in presence of the rector of Klaipėda University, Vladas Žulkus, and it was blessed by two bishops - the Catholic bishop of Telšiai, Jonas Boruta, and Lithuania’s Lutheran bishop, Mindaugas Sabutis.

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