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12th October 2008
A Round the World Millennium Odyssey to Celebrate Lithuania’s 1000 Year Jubilee
The yacht “Ambersail”. Photo courtesy
In 2009 Lithuania will commemorate 1000 years since the first mention of Lithuania’s name in historical records. To help celebrate the occasion, a team of Lithuania’s leading yachtsmen have set sail in the yacht “Ambersail” on a journey circumnavigating the world and visiting 24 Lithuanian communities on five continents along the way.
“Ambersail” sailed from the port of Klaipëda in Lithuania on October 5, 2008. After a journey planned for 205 days it is scheduled to return to Klaipëda on July 6, 2009, when all of Lithuania will be celebrating the King Mindaugas Coronation Day holiday. The yacht is planned to reach Adelaide in Australia on December 21, 2008; then on to Melbourne and Sydney, from where it will sail to New Zealand. It will be a happy coincidence for Sydney, as it is likely the yacht will be in Sydney just as Lithuanians from all of Australia and from overseas will have gathered in Sydney for the
President Adamkus farewelling “Ambersail” from Klaipëda.
Photo courtesy President of Lithuania website.
XXV Australian Lithuanian Days 2008 Festival.
In Klaipëda the sailors were farewelled by President Adamkus, who presented them with the Presidential flag to be carried on the journey. He also has entrusted them with letters to be presented to all the Lithuanian communities they will visit on the way. Their first port of call was Kiel in Germany, which they reached on October 8. Next on the route will be Las Palmas in the Canaries, then Cape Town in South Africa and then on to Australia. There will be 11 crew changes before “Ambersail” completes its journey.
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