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12th September 2010
Lithuania’s Pavilion at EXPO 2010 a Huge Success with 4 Million Visitors to Date
The 4 millionth visitor to Lithuanian’s pavilion, Zhu Yiping.
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Lithuania’s pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai has been very popular with visitors and its success has exceeded all initial expectations. Early this month, four months after Expo 2010 opened, Zhu Yiping from Jiangsu province became the 4 millionth visitor to Lithuania’s pavilion on his 26th birthday. When Expo 2010 opened, planners of Lithuania’s pavilion were hoping for 4 million visitors maybe by the end of Expo on October 31. So by now not only has the original visitor target been reached, but it is very likely that at least 6 million visitors will see Lithuania’s pavilion by the time Expo closes.
The 3 millionth visitor to Lithuanian’s pavilion, Shang Huiguo.
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Of more than 100 countries exhibiting at Expo 2010 only a handful – including Australia, USA, Russia, Poland and Spain among them, all much larger countries than Lithuania – could boast 4 million visitors to date. The popularity of Lithuania’s pavilion has been remarkable. On the average, Lithuania’s pavilion receives about 37,000 visitors a day. One day there had been 55,000 visitors. The 3 millionth visitor to Lithuania’s pavilion was the 36 year old Zhang Huiguo at the end of July, while a month previous to that the 2 millionth visitor was Wang Qi, from Hubei province of China 900 km away.
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