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12th March 2008
Australians See the Beauty of Lithuania Revealed in Stunning Photographs by Marius Jovaiša
Lentvaris Palace. Photo courtesy "Neregėta Lietuva"
A photographic exhibition of 30 works by the internationally known Lithuanian photographer Marius Jovaiša opened last Wednesday, 12th March 2008, at the Victoria University Gallery in Melbourne. The exhibition was organised by the Lithuanian Honorary Consul General in Melbourne, Mr. Andrew Žilinskas.
Trakai Castle. Photo courtesy "Neregėta Lietuva"
The photographs in the exhibition are taken from the recently published book "Neregėta Lietuva" ("Unseen Lithuania") by Marius Jovaiša. In this book the unseen beauty of Lithuania is revealed in a series of stunning aerial photographs, which took almost a year to complete, with nearly 100 hours of flying time and covering over 7,000km. Talking about the beauty of Lithuania Marius says: "...where else than in Lithuania could you see the mounds remembering heroic achievements, the narrow land thread between the lagoon and the sea, unique drawings of rivers’ meanders and lakes’ islands, the dunes washed by the restless sea, the villages nestling near the water, the impressive churches that look like ready to rise to space like rockets?..."
Cape Ventė on the Couronian Lagoon, a famous site for
bird migration. Photo courtesy "Neregėta Lietuva"
The works of Marius Jovaiša will soon figure prominently in the Lithuanian pavilion at the 45th International Exposition "Expo Zaragoza 2008", which will be held June 14 - September 14, 2008, in Zaragoza Spain.

Exhibition is open 10 am - 5 pm (Mon -Fri), 11 am - 3 pm (Sat)
March 12 - 20, 2008
Victoria University Gallery (16th floor)
300 Flinders St, Melbourne
Contacts: Victoria University Gallery (03) 9919 1583 Aida Tučiūtė 0411 345 636

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