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11th November 2007
Well-known Australian Lithuanian Poet Juozas Almis Jūragis Celebrates 90th Birthday
Poet Juozas Almis Jūragis
Sydney poet Juozas Almis Jūragis was born in Baltakalnis, in the district of Tauragė, Lithuania, on October 3, 1917, and arrived in Australia in 1948 as a refugee from Soviet occupation of Lithuania. In his lifelong work as a poet he has published four books of poetry and has been the editor of two books of works by Australian Lithuanian writers and of the 1961 Australian Lithuanian Yearbook (Please refer to Culture/ Literature/ Publications in Lithuanian on this website). His work has been translated into Flemish and he has been listed in the "Bibliography of Australian Multicultural Writers" (Deakin University 1992). Many literary anthologies have included his poetry.
In 2001 he was named "Laureate" by the Lithuanian Writers Association. Last September and October the Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum in Kaunas, Lithuania, held an exhibition in his honour - "Juozas Almis Jūragis - 90 Years"
Sydney Lithuanians offer their congratulations to Almis and wish him many creative years ahead!

Photo and information courtesy "Mūsų Pastogė" 17/10/07