Lithuanians in the News
11th October 2009
International Acclaim for Lithuanian Choir “Brevis“
The Choir “Brevis”. Photo courtesy
The Lithuanian choir “Brevis” has again demonstrated the very high standard of choral singing in Lithuania. On 19 September 2009 it was awarded the “Guidoneum 2009” prize by the
Statue honouring Guido d’Arezzo
in Arezzo. Photo courtesy Wikipedia
foundation “Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo”, based in the city of Arezzo in Italy. The prize was established last year to honour the music pioneer Guido of Arezzo (also known as Guido Monaco) of 11th century Italy. The award to “Brevis” was for its artistic creativity over the last few years and for fostering choral traditions in Lithuania and in Europe. In Italy to receive the prize, “Brevis” gave two concerts, one in Arezzo and one in Perugia.
The choir “Brevis" was founded in Vilnius in Lithuania in 1990. It has toured widely in Europe and is the recipient of more than 40 awards and recognitions, including the recognition as the best choir in Europe in 2003, when it won the highest award for amateur choirs in Europe, the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing. (Please see on this website News Archive/ Lithuanians in the News/ 10/06/2003 - Choir "Brevis"). The leader and conductor of “Brevis” is Gintautas Venislovas. He is also the second conductor of the Vilnius Municipality chamber choir “Jauna muzika”.

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