Lithuania in the news
9th July 2003
Lithuania Posts Outstanding Economic Performance !
Lithuania's economic performance has exceeded all forecasts by international and Lithuanian financial institutions and experts.
In 2002 Lithuania's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by the very impressive 6.7%. This follows an equally impressive performance in 2001, when the GDP increased by 6.5%.
Further, the GDP in the first quarter of 2003, compared to that in 2002, increased by 9.1% (a figure, which a little later was revised upwards to 9.4%!).
Lithuania has also significantly improved its position in the United Nations Human Development Index. It now occupies 45th place (compared to 62nd in 1999) and is now placed in the highly developed group of nations (the first 55 countries, out of 175).

Sources: ELTA 2003/06/26, Lietuvos Rytas 2003/07/09