Lithuanians in the News
8th April, 2007
A Post in the USA for Dr. Liuda Popenhagen
Prof. Liuda Apinytė - Popenhagen
Dr. Liuda Apinytė - Popenhagen, who wrote the content of the 24 Lithuanian Language Lessons (LLL) on this website, has taken up an academic post in the USA. She is an Associate Professor at the California State University, Channel Islands campus, in Camarillo, California, where she lectures in English and Performing Arts.
The LLL program has been very popular with beginners wishing to learn Lithuanian not only in Australia, but also world wide. Dr. Popenhagen has had extensive experience in drama and language teaching and is the author of a book on the noted Lithuanian theatre director Nekrošius - "Nekrošius and Lithuanian Theatre", Peter Lang Publishing 1999. She is also a past Vice-President of the Federal Executive of the Australian Lithuanian Community.

Liuda, the SLIC team wishes you all the best in your new challenges!