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8th January 2012
Lithuanian Software Developers Receive International Recognition
Pixelmator founders, the brothers (L-R) Aidas and Saulius Dailidė.
Photo courtesy
Two Lithuanian software design teams have recently won major awards on the international stage. The image editing program developed by the Lithuanian software developer Pixelmator was named the Application of the Year by Apple last December, while last November the Lithuanian web design program ImpressPages was designated as the Most Promising Open Source Project in the 2011 Open Source Awards.
Pixelmator was established by two brothers Aidas and Saulius Dailidė in 2007. Their image processing program now rivals Photoshop and currently is the fourth best-selling app on the Mac App Store. A couple of months earlier Pixelmator also won the Apple Design Award.
The ImpressPages team - (L-R) Mangirdas Skripka,
Mindaugas Stankaitis, Audrius Jankauskas.
Photo courtesy
The Open Source Awards, established by Packt Publishing, give recognition to excellence in Open Source Software. The winning of the Open Source Award by ImpressPages against stiff competition is an outstanding achievement. The ImpressPages team of Mangirdas Skripka, Mindaugas Stankaitis and Audrius Jankauskas had earlier been recognised in Lithuania by Internet Awards in the categories "Best WEB application" and "Export of the Year".
The awards to Pixemator and ImpressPages show the very high standard that Lithuanian software designers can achieve. It augurs well for the future of Lithuania as an IT leader. Lithuania now has a highly developed IT infrastructure and continues to lead the world in internet download speed.

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