Lithuania in the News
7th December 2008
Millennium Odyssey Yacht “Ambersail” on track to Australia
Approaching Cape Town
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The Lithuanian yacht “Ambersail”, circumnavigating the globe in celebration of Lithuania’s Millennium in 2009, reached Cape Town in South Africa very early on Monday, November 24, 2008. Unfavourable winds made Las Palmas – Cape Town leg longer by an extra 1,370 nautical miles and delayed its arrival in Cape Town by three days. “Ambersail” finally berthed at 12.30 am early Monday.
It departed Cape Town on November 27 and on December 2 reached a “high point” of its journey – the 10,000th nautical mile since departing Klaipëda in Lithuania. “Ambersail” is due to reach Adelaide in Australia by December 19. Taking the “roaring forties” route, it will attempt to make up the three days lost in the leg to Cape Town. “Ambersail” is due to dock in Sydney on December 30 at a prime location at the Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour. The captain for Cape Town – Adelaide leg is Tauras Rymonis.

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