Lithuanians in the News
7th January, 2007
Geelong Hosts the 24th Australian - Lithuanian Cultural and Sports Festival
The Australian Lithuanian Community comes together every two years to debate the Community’s affairs and to celebrate their Australian Lithuanian heritage in a festival of cultural and sports activities. This year the 24th Australian - Lithuanian Cultural and Sports Festival (Australijos Lietuvių Dienos) was admirably hosted by the Geelong Lithuanian Community between December 27, 2006, and January 1, 2007 in Geelong, Victoria. It attracted attendees from all over Australia and from overseas.
President Valdas Adamkus & Prime Minister John Howard
Messages of support were received from the President of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, and the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard. In his message Mr. Howard stated: "It is with great pleasure that I provide this message of support for the XXIV Australian-Lithuanian Cultural & Sports Festival 2006...The festival provides a special opportunity to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Australian Lithuanian Community.... I congratulate the organizers and trust that it will be an enjoyable and memorable event for everyone involved."
Birutė Prašmutaitė the newly elected
Federal Executive President of the
Australian Lithuanian Community
The Australian Lithuanian Community Federal Council at its meeting voted for the 2007- 8 Federal Executive to reside in Melbourne, with Ms. Birutė Prašmutaitė as the new Federal Executive President. The Federal Council also elected for the next Australian - Lithuanian Cultural and Sports Festival in 2008 to be held in Sydney.
In a week full of activities, there were the Choir and Folk Dance festivals, a Literature and Music afternoon, an Art and Craft exhibition, a Youth Talent night, a Friends of Lithuanian Ballet afternoon, Sporting Competitions and a New Year’s Ball to cap all the activities. The folk dance group "Atžalynas" came from Toronto in Canada to perform at the folk dance festival and numerous other events. The very talented young pianist, Eglė Andrejevaitė, came from Lithuania and played at the Friends of Lithuanian ballet afternoon.
The Festival was very ably organised and run by the ALD Geelong Committee under the chairmanship of Stasys Šutas, the Geelong Lithuanian Community President. It was a most enjoyable occasion for all. The Geelong Lithuanian Community is one of the smaller ones in Australia and all the more credit to it to be able to organise and run this event so successfully. Congratulations, Geelong Lithuanians!

Make a note in your diaries for the XXV ALD in Sydney!
Sydney Lithuanian Community is looking forward to meeting you all in 2008!