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5th October 2009
“Žuvėdra” - Undisputed Champions !
Celebrating gold. Professors Skaistė and Romaldas Idzelevičius are
fourth and first from left in the back row. Photo courtesy
The "Žuvėdra" Dancesport Ensemble from Klaipėda University again demonstrated its brilliant dancing by winning the European Latin American Dancesprt Championship. This means that to date the amazing “Žuvėdra” has become European Latin American champions seven times and World champions six times! Originally, the European Championship in 2009 was intended to be hosted by Russia, but in view of this year being Lithuania’s Millennium Year, the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) granted the hosting of the Championship to Vilnius. Another reason for giving the hosting to Vilnius was that this year is also the 20th anniversary of “Žuvėdra" first competing internationally under Lithuania’s flag, which they did in Stuttgart in Germany in 1989, winning seventh place at that time.
“Žuvėdra’s” main rivals continued to be the two German teams, the "Gruen Gold Club" of Bremen, which came second, and the “Tanz Sport Zentrum” of Velbert which came third. “Žuvėdra’s”
“Žuvėdra” back in Klaipėda. Photo courtesy
second team was also quite successful, winning fourth place. In all there were 14 teams from 9 countries competing. In addition to Lithuania and Germany there were teams from Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, Rumania, Russia, Serbia and Wales (Great Britain).
The long time coaches of “Žuvėdra” are husband and wife Professors Skaistė and Romaldas Idzelevičius. This year “Žuvėdra” won with the brilliantly choreographed “James Bond” routine, while “Žuvėdra 2” performed the “Brazil” routine, earlier made famous by the senior “Žuvėdra” team.

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