Lithuanians in the News
3rd July 2011
Lithuanian Science Recognised with a Major European Innovation Award
Lithuanian delegation receiving the Eureka Innovation Award
in Jerusalem. Photo courtesy
Innovative Lithuanian science continues to be recognised internationally. The EUREKA Innovation Award for 2011 went to the Lithuanian company Biocentras in Vilnius. The EUREKA organisation in Europe manages the largest industrial R&D program in the world. It encompasses 40 European countries, with a budget of 1.5 billion Euros each year for over 200 R&D projects. The EUREKA award to Biocentras was announced on 23 June 2011 in Jerusalem, at the conclusion of Israelís. rotating Chairmanship of Eureka. More than 50 projects competed for the award this year.
The award to Biocentras was for the development of an innovative technique for decontaminating soil which had suffered an oil spill or contamination. In developing this technique Biocentras cooperated with academic partners in Lithuania and Latvia. Biocentrasí technique is entirely environment friendly, as it does not use potentially harmful chemicals or genetically-modified technologies. This noteworthy award to Biocentras demonstrates that science in Lithuania is strong at an international level.

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