In Memoriam
3rd June, 2006
Konstantinas Ankus 1902.04.14 - 2006.04.26
Konstantinas Ankus
The Lithuanian community in Sydney was saddened by the recent death of Konstantinas Ankus aged 104 years. At the age of 104, Konstantinas would have been possibly the oldest Australian Lithuanian.
Konstantinas Ankus was born in Skriaudžiai, in the region of Marijampolė, Lithuania. After completing his military service, he joined Lithuania’s border police and worked with the border police in various locations. Having avoided deportation to Siberia during the first Russian occupation of 1940-41, the Ankus family did not wait for the second occupation and fled to the West in 1945. They came to Australia during the wave of the first post World War II migration to Australia, settling in Sydney. The whole Ankus family has been very active in the Sydney Australian Lithuanian Community. Konstantinas is survived by daughter Justina, son Kęstutis and their families.