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3rd May 2020
Books on Australian Lithuanians Featured at the 2020 Vilnius Book Fair
At the presentation of “In Sunshine and Shadow”.
(L-R) The moderator Dr. Lina Leparskienė, Dr Eve Puodžiūnaitė Wicks
and interpreter Judita Gliauberzonaitė. Photo courtesy Eve Wicks
Two recently published books about Australian Lithuanians have featured prominently at the 2020 Vilnius Book Fair, 20-23 February 2020. The Vilnius Book Fair is a major annual event in Lithuania’s cultural calendar. Lithuanians eagerly look forward to it. According to the Book Fair organisers, this year over the four days there were a record 72,930 visitors, 380 exhibitors from 9 countries, 646 events, and 65 guests from 24 countries. Authors endeavour to present their recently published works at the Book Fair.
This year the Book Fair featured “Saulėje ir šešėlyje. In Sunshine and Shadow”, by Dr. Eve Puodžiūnaitė Wicks and “Terra Australis Incognita”, edited by Ilona Mažeikienė and Regina Urbonienė. “Terra Australis Incognita” was the subject of an earlier News item on this website (Lithuanians in the News, December 15, 2019 ). The Brisbane resident Eve Puodžiūnaitė Wicks made a special trip to Vilnius to the Book Fair to present her book. The presentation by Ilona Mažeikienė and Regina Urbonienė was honoured by the presence of Dr Arūnas Gelūnas, the Director of the Lithuanian Art Museum, who had been enthusiastic in getting the book published. Vytas Juška, a former President of the Australian Lithuanian Community of Sydney, and currently a Vilnius resident, was also present at both book presentations.
Eve’s book is a beautifully produced book, describing the tribulations of Lithuanians settling in Queensland. In a thought provoking review of Eve’s book Dr. Lina Leparskienė, of the Lithuanian National Culture Centre and Literature and Folklore Institute, states: “The book is an aesthetic production, and its spacious layout invites the readers to take their time and read the book slowly and attentively. ......
The texts about the experiences of Lithuanians slowly putting down roots in Australia and the author’s exploration of her own Lithuanian background are temperate and empathetic. …...
In truth the book conveys insightful witness accounts and thoughtful descriptions, all depicting the reality of the subject’s lives; so the book is more than a documented history. As you go through this substantial book’s nine chapters, it’s like walking around a table, on which objects or photographs are displayed, each telling a new story from the lives of the émigré Lithuanians.”

Eve’s book is based in part on Eve’s thesis for her PhD from Griffith University in Queensland, which was awarded to her this year.

Congratulations, Eve !

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