Lithuania in the News
2nd November 2008
A swing to the right in Lithuanian elections
Leaders of four centre-right parties form a coalition. (L-R) Artūras
Zuokas (Liberal and Centre Union), Arūnas Valinskas (National Revival),
Andrius Kubilius (Homeland Union – Christian Democrats), Eligijus
Masiulis (Liberals). Photo courtesy Lietuvos Rytas.
The first round in the Lithuanian parliament elections took place on Sunday, October12 2008, and the second round two weeks later on October 26. The biggest number of seats (45) was won by the conservative party, the Homeland Union – Christian Democrats. Victory for the conservatives signals the end of left leaning governments in Lithuania over the last eight years.
The conservatives have agreed to form a coalition with three other right – centre parties: National Revival (18 seats), Liberals (11 seats) and the Liberal – Centre Union (9 seats), which will give
Andrius Kubilius celebrating the election victory of Homeland
Union – Christian Democrats party. Photo courtesy Lietuvos Rytas.
the coalition a comfortable majority of 83 seats in the 141 seat parliament.
The youngest member of the new parliament is 26 years old and the eldest is 72 years. The average age is 49 and half years. In the new parliament there are 115 men and 26 women.

Further information: 26-31/10/08