Lithuanians in the News
1st October, 2006
Prizes Again for Artist Leeka Kraucevičiūtė-Gruzdeff
Rachmaninoff’s Symphony - Leeka Kraucevičiūtė-Gruzdeff
At the "Orange Blossom Festival" in Castle Hill, in North West Sydney, on September 13, 2006 the painter Leeka Kraucevičiūtė-Gruzdeff won First Prize for her picture "Rachmaninoff’s Symphony" in the Traditional Section and Second Prize for her picture "Maggie’s Violin" in the Members Section.
Maggie’s Violin - Leeka Kraucevičiūtė-Gruzdeff
On September 16 & 17 the painter exhibited 120 pictures for sale in her studio. She has generously donated the proceeds from the sale of one picture for a Visual Art prize at the Julius Janonis High School in Šiauliai - Lithuania. Another picture she has donated to the Friends of Lithuanian Ballet (FLB) for a raffle at FLB Ballet Afternoon on December 30, 2006, which will be held as part of the 24th Australian - Lithuanian Cultural and Sports Festival in Geelong.
Leeka Gruzdeff has already held 16 solo exhibitions and is the winner of over 80 first prizes in local and country exhibitions. Her paintings have twice been accepted to the Archibald Competition. She is a Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW.