Lithuania in the news
1st May, 2004
European Union Celebrations in Lithuania and in Sydney
Lithuania from space at 10.40 p.m
on April 27, 2004 (Courtesy ELTA)
Celebrations in the Cathedral Square
in Vilnius, April 30 (Courtesy ELTA)
Lithuania from space at 10.40 p.m
on April 30, 2004 (Courtesy ELTA)
Fireworks above Vilnius,
April 30 (Courtesy ELTA)
The achievement of European Union Membership on May 1, 2004, following on the joining of NATO a month earlier, was seen by Lithuanians as the final step in rectifying the injustices inflicted upon Lithuania during and following the Second World War.
Starting on the evening of Friday, April 30, and continuing throughout Saturday, May 1, there were festive celebrations in Lithuania. At 10.40 p.m. on April 30 evening many lights were specially turned on to make Lithuania a much brighter country observed from space, as confirmed by images from a space satellite transiting above Lithuania at that time of night three days apart on April 30 and on April 27.
There were festive celebrations in many cities in Lithuania. Enthusiastic crowds on the night of April 30 turned out for a special concert in the Cathedral Square in Vilnius. On May 1 at the geographical Centre of Europe, which is about 20 km from Vilnius, there was a ceremony unveiling an obelisk to mark the Centre of Europe

Lithuanian artist Eva Kubbos (third from right)
in front of her painting at the UR in EU exhibition
among Sydney Lithuanians
Sydney also took part in the celebrations. Sydney Lithuanians were present at the opening on April 20 of the "UR in EU " art exhibition at the University of Sydney Union of works by artists from all the ten new European Union members. Lithuania was represented by the artist Eva Kubbos. On May 10 NSW Parliament hosted an "Official Dinner to Mark the Accession of Ten Nations to the European Union on 1 May 2004".
The official hosts were The Hon. John Acquilina MP, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and The Hon. Dr. Meredith Burgmann MLC, President of the Legislative Council. Among the invited guests were the Hon. Consul General of Lithuania, Mr. Viktoras –literis, and Mrs. Juta –literis and about 30 Sydney Lithuanians, who found it a very memorable occasion.