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1st April, 2007
Aldona Veščiūnaitė Publishes her Fifth Book of Poetry
Aldona Veščiūnaitė
"Edvinas Gražiaveidis Keliauja
Į Marsą" by Aldona Veščiūnaitė
The Sydney based poet Aldona Veščiūnaitė has written her fifth poetry book entitled Edvinas gražiaveidis keliauja į Marsą ("The fairfaced Edvinas is travelling to Mars"). Like her previous poetry works, this one is also a niche edition: hard covers, printed on good paper, an artist conceived book cover and, most of all, an intriguing content make it a pleasure for any booklover to read.
The book cover is by the noted Lithuanian artist Vytautas O. Virkau, residing in the USA. It depicts the inside of a rocket on its voyage to Mars. The intricate colourful design suggests symbolically the title and content of this slim and delightful book.
The poet interweaves excerpts of the Lithuanian pianist’s, Edvinas Minkštimas’, musical career and his achievements on three continents with information of the flight to Mars. Like always, Aldona Veščiūnaitė intrigues the reader with her vast cultural, historical and contemporary array of knowledge that flit past like pictures in a kaleidoscope. They allude to events, surroundings, happenings and reflexions. And yet, nothing is overdone, nothing is out of place.
It is a pleasure to read such a stimulating, well presented book of verse.
The book has been published by the AM&M Publications, Chicago, 2006

Isoldė Poželaitė - Davis AM    Sydney, 19.03.2007